Develop your visual insight and create exceptional photos, even works of art

It is easy to improve in photography early on but most people eventually reach a point where improvement levels out. Their photos are good, but not great and they don't know how to reach the next level. The Emory Program helps you break through that barrier by developing your "visual insight."

Most photography instruction on the internet consists of tips and advice that are meant to be shortcuts to better photography. These bits and pieces may be helpful but they do nothing to develop visual insight. The rule of thirds is a good example. You find it everywhere but no one explains why it works. It may be a good amateur guide but, seriously, if you don't understand why it works, how great of a photographer do you expect to be? Relying on simplistic methods means your photography will eventually level out. 

What is visual insight?

Of the two images below, the first one is pretty ordinary. The second one could pass as fine art.  The difference begins with an understanding of the elements of art and how to apply them. "Visual insight" is a photographer's sense of how to arrange elements in an interesting way that works. No technique or rule can do that for you but the Emory Program is designed to develop your visual insight to an advanced level. Instead of learning to take better photos, you can learn to create works of art.



The Emory Program assumes you have no background in art or extensive experience in photography.

I developed the Emory Program to be the shortest route possible to a mature visual insight. Even if you are a novice you will soon be applying advanced artistic principles as if you have been at it for years. It is presented in three distinctively different sections which you can purchase separately or all together. 

The 5C Photography Course - the 5C Approach covers the five most important elements of exceptional photography and gives you a foundation for applying the principles of art to your photos. It is a huge step in developing your visual insight and will change your photography forever.

Landscape galleries with lessons  -  This is the advanced application of the 5C Approach and beyond. Every landscape has its own challenges and every photographer has different insights. The lessons examine in detail what works best for each landmark and how to refine compositions into works of art. The best photos of each landmark by various photographers are included so you can see how it is done.

Lessons from "The Natural Beauty of Alabama" - This is an extra resource, free to buyers of The Natural Beauty of Alabama.  Long term projects build unique insights. This section shares some of the insights I gained from creating the book. The goal is not to have you imitate my work but offer you an inside perspective for working at an advanced 5C level.

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