Teachable Photos

When I was new to photography I discovered the beauty of lines on the surface of water but I didn't know what to do with them.  The lines were interesting but that's all they were, interesting lines. My photos were not complete compositions.


I eventually learned to create more interesting compositions by using a bigger variety of structural elements, establishing a distinct primary interest and using structural centers or frameworks. The photo below has a structural center that everything emanates from or is visually related to. That's what organizes and unifies it into a well designed package of lines, colors, texture. Working with abstracts is a good way to get beyond subject matter and work directly with the elements of art.

Notice the composition does not depend on a definite center of interest that everything else supports. There are too many interesting things going on for that. Instead, success depends on a structural center that most elements emanates from and a harmony that unifies everything. A sense of balance is the big unifying factor.